About the SZPK

North Western Industrial Corporation (SZPK) was based in 2005. Now SZPK is the large Russian enterprise specializing on deliveries of the import industrial equipment of different function:

  • Hoisting-and-transport equipment: elevators (passenger elevators, panoramic elevators, freight elevators),  escalators and travolators
  • Automatic  car parking systems
  • Spare parts for elevators and escalators and for  the equipment of leading foreign brands: OTIS, KONE, Schindler, Thyssen Krupp, Sigma, etc.

The company successfully advances in the Russian market the new direction — the mechanized automatic car  parking systems.

SZPK together with KOYO firm offers engineering, design, delivery, installation and service of elevators of different function, floor-by-floor escalators, travolators and automatic parkings of various types. Our engineers and managers will help you to make the optimum decision.


Our partners

Our partners  are  construction corporations, management companies and design organizations of St. Petersburg: Standart Group Company, Admiralty Construction Company, Nevsky Alliance, Nevis Complex, Carinthia Nevsky Palace Hotel, company OKA, A-LEN, PIC Project, ArKon +, Lenpromtransproyekt.